Research Overview


(1)Category Extraction by Using Multidimensional Histogram with NOAA AVHRR Images

The main purpose of this research is to develop the algorithm of basic information technology for feature extraction from images. And by using this, the other purpose is to analyze image using original multidimensional histogram for environmental information. Anybody even non-professional in the field of environmental problem can participate in this research. There are about 20 full-papers published relating to this subject in the past five years.


(2)Construction of Large Size Image Database System

In the field of Environmental Informatics, using satellite image is essential in order to accomplish detailed observation from the past to the future. Construction of image database system is key research objective, so that whenever you want to use the images you can access this system. There are over 220 thousand images pulled out in the fiscal 2000 from Japan Image Database -Tohoku University NOAA Image Database. This is one of the major Environmental image database systems not only in Japan but also in the world.


(3)Algorithm for Large Area Informatics Using Remote Sensing

An artificial satellite sends huge amount of data from universe. It is too huge to process by human skill. The aim of this research is to make this large area information across the borders visible by using satellite images.


(4)Environmental Monitoring System with Satellite Network

We are in the process of constructing environmental monitoring system. Tohoku University (Japan) brings the satellite data from Siberia (Russia), Alaska (U.S.A) and from many Asian countries. In order to develop this environmental monitoring system we need to get expert knowledge of concerning satellite orbit information and characteristics of sensors. In addition we also need to handle up-to-date computer network technology like satellite network and internet.


(5)Earth Environmental Simulation Modeling via Interdisciplinary

The Main research theme of Kudoh Laboratory is to solve environmental problems. In order to accomplish this objective, we have been doing research with other researchers not only in the science field but also in the humanities field. Our research facility is ready to do such collaboration. To construct newly perspective computer simulation model, we need to produce new model based on both, knowledge of computer science and human activities model.


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