To the students


Educational policy in Kudoh Laboratory

We would like to remind you that our research themes are not so easy to achieve. Professor Kudoh makes the face to face communication with the students in order to supervise the individual student in the right direction. He makes an effort to find the skilled point of student individually and try to find the best way which makes the best utilization of onefs ability. Students in master course need to produce at least one paper and three year completion is required for doctor course students. The student who joined Kudoh laboratory is sure to foster real ability after studying each required years. Itfs your decision whether you join this Lab but we wish to bless your future.


International collaboration research(Japan, United States, Russia)

Main goal of our research is to solve environmental problems. In order to accomplish our research projects, it is essential to cooperate with researchers in other countries. We construct an international joint research system with the countries below:

Russian Federation: There are 20% of forests of the globe in this country.
The United States (NASA, NOAA, University of Alaska): Earth observation satellite is developed in this country.
Italy (FAO): Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the head office is in Rome.)



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